Medieval Armour and Defences

Medieval armour evolved over time, with differences  depending on the location, period, and social status of the wearer. However, some common features include chain mail (a type of armour made from interlocking metal rings), plate armour (a later development that provided more complete protection), helmets, shields, and fortifications. Explore popular medieval armour of Great Britain and Europe – including types of shields, vambraces, cuirasses, pauldrons, sabatons, faulds, hauberks and more.

More Medieval Warfare and Fortifications

Castles, walls, and other fortifications were essential for defense during the medieval period. They were built to withstand attacks from siege engines, such as trebuchets and battering rams.

Explore medieval weapons of Great Britain and Europe, including various types of swords, maces, hammers, daggers, bows, crossbows, clubs, and more. 

Explore medieval siege engines and devices designed to help to besiege armies and breach the defences of a castle, including springalds, mangonels, warwolves, trebuchets, caltrops, and more.

Books about Medieval Weapons