Medieval Occupations and Jobs

People in the Middle Ages worked in a variety of jobs, some of which continue today and others that have disappeared in time. Farmers harvested crops using sickles and scythes. Bakers made unleavened bread for different customs and occasions. Blacksmiths created everyday objects and weapons from wrought iron and steel. Candlemakers made candles from fat, tallow, and beeswax. Carpenters cut timber to make fences, beams, planks, doors, and furniture. While apothecaries sold wine, spices, herbs, and medicines. There were several other jobs and activities carried out by medieval people. You can find them below.

Medieval Professions: The Sailor

Medieval Sailor

Being a sailor in the middle ages meant living a lonely and difficult life, as they would often set sail for months or even a year at a time.

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