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Learn more about medieval cuisine. Explore and learn how recipes were prepared in the Middle Ages: Stews and purees of minced and pounded meats. Medieval liaisons, tarts, sauces, and pastries. 

This meat roaster, pastry-cook, and potager,
And even the scholar that follows in company,
First to you I will show
The points of cookery, all by row,
Of Pottage, roasted meat, and bake-meat,
And small cookery, I won’t forget.
The names in table I shall set

From the Liber Cure Cocorum, an English cookbook dating from around the year 1430.

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Medieval Occupations and Jobs: Cook

Medieval Cook

Medieval Cooks usually prepared their food over an open fire. They sometimes shared communal ovens for everyone on the premises of a town.

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Recipes from the 1430 book Liber Cure Cocorum

The Liber Cure Cocorum is an English cookbook from Lancashire that dates back to the year 1430. The original text was in the Sloane Manuscript Collection and was found as an appendix to the “Boke of Curtasye”. The book describes a great variety of dishes like potages, broths, roasted meats, sauces and petecure and was written in a northern English dialect of the 15th century.

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