This recipe is extracted from the 1430 book Liber Cure Cocorum (or “The Art of Cookery”), written in a northern English dialect of the 15th century and probably originating from the County of Lancashire.

The recipe’s original name is “Meat of Cyprus“.


  • Chicken 
  • Almond Milk
  • Amidon (Wheat Starch) or Rice
  • Saffron
  • Sugar
  • Almonds


Take flesh of capons or hens you shall;
Parboil and dry it withal;
Hew them small, pound in mortar,
As small as bread, that was grated;
Take good almond milk anon
And mix it up with amidon
Or with flour of rice, you may;
Color it with saffron, I say [to] you;
Boil it after each part,
Thicken it with flesh pounded well;
Season it with sugar and then your dish
With almonds set you shall garnish.

How to Make your own Amidon (Wheat Starch)

Take wheat and steep it 9 days;
Thus change your water each day anon.
Bruise it quite small in a mortar,
Seethe it with milk and water withal.
Through a hair sieve look you strain it,
And let it stand and settle by;
Pour out the water, in cloth it lay,
Till it is dry you turn it aye.
This is a thickening as men say,
Thereof I shall speak more plainly.

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