Medieval Siege Engines and Other Weapons

Medieval siege engines were a variety of weapons and devices designed to help to besiege armies breach the defences of a castle or fortified city. These machines were used during the Middle Ages, roughly from the 5th century to the 15th century, and were employed in sieges throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Some common types of medieval siege engines included the trebuchet, the ballista, the catapult, the battering ram, and the siege tower.

These machines were often operated by skilled engineers and could require significant resources and manpower to construct and use effectively. The use of siege engines allowed besieging armies to overcome the defenses of even the most formidable fortresses, and played a crucial role in the wars and conflicts of the medieval period. Explore medieval siege engines, including springalds, mangonels, warwolves, and more.

Medieval Weapons: Medieval Ballista. Types, Facts and History

Medieval Ballista

The Ballista was a medieval siege weapon used to launch large arrows or bolts at enemy fortifications. It could be operated by a small team of soldiers.

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