Medieval Castles: Donnington Castle
1398 AD
Open to Visitors

Donnington Castle is a ruined medieval castle founded by Sir Richard Abberbury the Elder under a licence granted by Richard II in 1386. The surviving castle gatehouse dates from this period.

The castle was originally built in a rectangular form and enclosed by a curtain wall with a round tower at each of the four corners. Halfway along the two walls running from west to east were two square towers. The courtyard would probably have contained a hall, kitchens, and accommodation for guests.

The castle was bought by Thomas Chaucer and its buildings considerably enlarged during the years that followed. 

Donnington was taken under royal control during the Tudor period and given to Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. By the time the castle and manor returned to the Crown in 1535 the structure was in a state of decay. In 1646 Parliament voted to demolish it, and only the gatehouse was left standing.

Gateway to Donnington Castle, the last country residence of Chaucer.
Gateway to Donnington Castle, the last country residence of Chaucer in 1870. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
The entrance to the gate house in Donnington Castle. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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Any reasonable daylight hours, exterior viewing only. 


Donnington Castle Farm Cottage, Castle Ln, Donnington, Newbury RG14 2LE


0370 333 1181




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